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They are the BEST turkeys you can serve! You'll be surprised how much better they taste than turkeys raised in "factory farms."

The "youngsters" shown on this site were photographed in August, 2004. They were only a month old at the time.

They are very alert, friendly and curious birds. They scurry around us as soon as we enter their yard. We'd like to think that's because they like us, but the truth is, they know we are probably bringing them more grain. Since they grow so quickly, they are constantly hungry!

More pictures of our flock a month older are here.

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Free Range Turkeys!
Each year, our flock is small so we can give them proper care and attention. Aren't they a handsome bunch of birds? :-)

What does "free range" mean? It means our turkeys aren't cramped into tiny spaces. They have room to strut about, perches on which to roost and we insist they attend their exercise sessions -- we actually go into their yard several times a day and encourage them to jog! As turkeys grow (and they grow very fast!), they tend to become sedentary. We have to keep them active so they retain strength in their legs to support their large size.

They have all of the fresh water and grains they need to thrive and are drug free -- we don't give them chemicals to speed their growth; they grow naturally because they are of hearty stock.


“Just wanted to let you know that was the best turkey we have ever had!”

 -- Penny

By Holiday time, our birds grow to be 15 to 30+ pounds each.

All birds are carefully dressed and properly refrigerated for peak quality.

Why are our turkeys more expensive than those in the stores? Because we raise them for quality instead of quantity. Once you taste a free range turkey, you will discover how much better they taste!

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